Submitting Cash or Check

0148_001Use this envelope to submit any cash and/or checks to be deposited to the SI Chico bank account. ***Envelope can be found in the back of the room in the bins.***

Please fill in the fields on the envelope as follows:

Amount: Fill in the amount in the envelope
Activity Date:  Date money was collected.
Activity and Additional Information:  Please write information about why the money was collected, and what it is for.
Prepared by: Signature of person who collected money
Submitted by: Signature of person turning in envelope, if different than Prepared by:
Summary of Receipt Voucher:

  • Coin:  Total of coins in envelope
  • Currency:  Total of paper money in envelope
  • Checks:  If you just have a few you may list them separately.  If there are a lot,  we suggest grouping the checks by check amount (for example): $5.00 x 3 = $15 | $10.00 x 5 - $50.00 | Total checks:  $65.00

Total: Total amount of coin, currency and checks in envelope
Received by: This field is filled out by one of the ladies at the lunch table.  Every envelope should be given to the lunch table ladies, who will log the envelope onto a receipts journal, to track all the envelopes received. If cash is included in deposit, two people must count cash together and both sign the envelope.
Check Voucher:
Date:  Current date
Please pay:  Fill in the amount of the check you would like to receive
As evidenced by:  receipt (if you are being reimbursed for an expense, or have an invoice     payable to a third party,     or approved board motion or budget:  One of these items should be checked - either you have money in     your committee budget to pay for the item, or you have received approval from the board for an unusual     or additional expense.
Pay to:  Write down name (and mailing address, if check is to be mailed) that will be written on the check.
Expenses for:  Write a description of the purpose of the payment.
Pay from:  General Fund - Regular committee expenses are paid from general fund
Service Fund  - Service or Awards and Recognition recipients checks
Home, Garden and Antique Show - This category is no longer used - receipts for HGL should be  submitted directly tot he HGL committee, and paid from the separate HGL bank account.
Committee:  Write the name of the committee requesting the check
Project:  If the check pertains to a particular project, note it here.
Payment authorized by:  Sign the form here to request funds.  Signature is generally by a committee chairwoman.

You will receive the yellow check voucher copy after the check is issued, and can keep it in your committee binder.