Scholarships & Awards

Awards (Our club is on summer break from July 1 – August 31)

Service Funds for Organizations:
If you are looking for service funds for your organization, please fill out this form: (Community Grant Application) and Email it back to our Giving Committee at:

Scholarships (Our club is on summer break from July 1 – August 31)

Positive Parenting Award:
Honors individuals who are working toward economic independence, improving parenting skills, building self-esteem, and eliminating negative coping skills. Includes a cash grant up to $1000.

  • Application Deadline: April 1
  • Email our Giving Committee at

Imagining Possibilities Award:
For young women leaving the foster care system that have been recognized as outstanding and achievement oriented individuals – one or two recipients are chosen with a total of up to $2,000 awarded.

  • Application Deadline: April 1
  • Email our Giving Committee at

Interesting Factoid: Dottie Locke was an RN who drove ambulance in World War II and returned to Chico after the war. Dottie lived with the owner of KHSL and started 2 programs for SI/Chico. 1. “Teen Talk” a short weekly program on KHSL giving high school students the opportunity to talk on KHSL briefly about the world as they saw it. 2. Dottie organized a county wide conference of outstanding high school senior graduates to meet and discuss a topic of current national interest that would involve their future lives. Students met for lunch on Saturdays and came from Oroville, Paradise and Chico and elsewhere in the county.

Betty Boles Award:
Recognizes women over forty years of age who have completed, or are in the process of completing a training program, and who are re-entering the workplace – one recipient is chosen and awarded up to $1,000.

  • Application Deadline: February 28
  • Email our Giving Committee at

Live Your Dream Award:

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards assist women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects. In addition to providing the primary financial support for their families, eligible applicants must be enrolled in, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program and must demonstrate financial need.

Recipients may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, including books, childcare and transportation. The program begins on the club level, where award amounts vary.

For application and to see if you are eligible, visit our page at:

Violet Richardson Community Service Award:
For young women 14-17 years of age who significantly contribute to their communities through volunteer efforts – one or two recipients are chosen with up to $1000 awarded and split between the recipient and charity of their choice.

Download Violet Richardson Application Here

  • Deadline: April 1
  • Email our Giving Committee with questions at:

The Violet Richardson Award recognizes young women or girls who make the community and world a better place through volunteer efforts such as: fighting drugs, crime and violence; cleaning up the environment; and working to end discrimination and poverty. Volunteer actions that benefit women or girls are especially valued.

Soroptimist is an organization of women whose members volunteer in their communities, often working on the same problems that you do. Although we realize that volunteering is its own reward, we also know it feels good to be recognized for your actions. And that’s why we sponsor this award.

The Ruby Award – For Women Helping Women
For women who have significantly enhanced the lives of other women through professional, business and volunteer activities – one to three recipients are chosen with a total of up to $3,000 awarded.

  • Application Deadline: December 15
  • Email our Giving Committee at

The Soroptimist Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women recognizes and honors the first federation president, Ruby Lee Minar. A ruby is also a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, vivacity, power and love: all words embodying the strong and compassionate women who are our award recipients. The Soroptimist Ruby Award honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work.