Change of Signatories on Bank Account

This text is used to change the officers who can sign on SI Chico's bank accounts.

This letter must be printed on SI Chico letterhead, and signed by two of the four people who signed on the account in the previous year.  The new treasurer should contact Tri Counties bank to arrange for the signature changes, and all four people who will sign on the account must go to the bank to sign the signature cards.

July 8, 2014

To:  Tri Counties Bank

Re:  Change of signatures for accounts #  and #

Please remove (insert past president name) and (insert past treasurer name) as signers on the above accounts.

Please add new officers  (insert new president elect name and title) and (insert new treasurer elect name and title) as the new signers on the accounts.

President  (insert new president's name) and Treasurer  (insert new treasurer's name) will remain as signers on the accounts.

_____________________________       __________________________
(insert name of one of 4 previous signers)        (insert name of one of 4 previous signers)