Attend a Meeting

Are you interested in learning more about Soroptimist International of Chico? We would like to invite you to one of our weekly lunch meetings.

Weekly lunch meetings feature:
Speakers from various fields educating club members about the purpose and needs of their organizations.

Special programs awarding scholarships and other forms of recognition
Monthly “business meeting” (first Wednesday of the month) where members are given an opportunity to vote on club issues and distribution of community service funding.

When: Wednesdays 12:00-1:15pm
Where: Manzanita Place (Elk’s Lodge), 1705 Manzanita Avenue
Cost: $15.00 for lunch OR $5.00 for just coffee or tea

Read what our members say about being a Soroptimist.

Why are you a Soroptimist:
I am a Soroptimist because it is a wonderful means to give back to a community that has been so wonderful to me. I have been practicing in Chico now for over 14 years and have never lived and worked in such a positive community environment. I love giving back the support and commitment that this city has given to me.

Why do you continue to be a Soroptimist:
I continue to be a Soroptimist because the organization is always changing and there is always new opportunities to learn new things.

What do you love about being a Soroptimist?
I love the fact that being a Soroptimist allows me to see where the needs are in the community and help to fulfill them.

Kim Lange, Owner of Youthful Smiles children's dentistry, Member Since 2008

Why are you a Soroptimist:
Giving to others makes the world be a better place. Soroptimist allows group cooperation and support to easily accomplish this goal.

Why do you continue to be a Soroptimist:
When doing a task together bonds are formed, friends are made, smiles happen.

What do you love about being a Soroptimist?
Soroptimists are there for each other whether it is business advice, shared laughter or a much needed helping hand.

Marilyn Ey , Member since 2001

Why are you a Soroptimist:
I have volunteered for many organizations in my adult life. I have friend who said I should join, because it seemed like a great fit. She is in another club. She called SI Chico and had them come recruit me. I must say, being asked to help is a lot more flattering than being accepted by an organization I had to approach.

Why do you continue to be a Soroptimist:
I lived in Chico for over a year before I came in contact with Soroptimist Int'l. I can not believe how instrumental the club has been in connecting me to the city and the surrounding area. I had no idea Chico was such an activist community. I am now personal friends with some of the best and brightest members of the community.

What do you love about being a Soroptimist?
I love being a Soroptimist because of the variety of people with whom, and projects with which, we participate.

Gina Grether, Member since 2003

Why are you a Soroptimist:
Initially I joined SI Chico because I was looking for a community service group with community service activities in which my young sons and I could participate. As a single working mom, my spare time was somewhat limited. But I wanted to do some volunteer work and wanted to instill in my sons the feeling of "giving back." Soroptimist fit the bill perfectly!

Why you continue to be a Soroptimist:
Soroptimist allows me to contribute what time I can to community service, both local and worldwide. It just feels good to know that I'm making a difference in people's lives. By working with a great group of dynamic, big-hearted people, we get so much done!

What do you love about being a Soroptimist?
The camaraderie, sense of accomplishment, great speakers, and just knowing that we are truly making a positive difference in the lives of others. Each week I come away from our meeting feeling so inspired and enriched. No matter how much I give to our club's efforts, I always feel as though I receive so much more in return.

Laura Burghardt, Member since 2003