393136_268640723178261_38339952_nCommittees are the backbone of our organization. They collectively help keep our club lively and exciting. When you become a Soroptimist you are asked to serve on a committee of your choice. Many of our seasoned members have served on all of the committees as it is a great way to get to know the club and other Soroptimists. Short descriptions and contacts for each of our committees are as follows:

Administration Committee

Keeps the Bylaws and Club Regulations in order, as well as other legal matters. To ensure that the financial and organizational status of the club is in compliance with S.I. laws and procedures. Educates the membership in the club’s bylaws, guidelines, standing rules, budget, and investment strategies.

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Awards and Recognition Committee

Makes recommendations and decides how a portion of service funds are allocated. Acknowledges the outstanding achievements of individuals, and to recognize women, youth, businesses, and community leaders for their contributions to community service. These awards are consistent with the six areas of Soroptimist Service: Health, Environment, Education, Economic and Social Development, Human Rights/Status of Women, and International Good Will & Understanding.
Acknowledging the outstanding achievements of individuals in our community is one of the more rewarding aspects of SI/Chico. The Awards & Recognition Committee is charged with the responsibility of soliciting nominations for—and determining recipients of–various awards and scholarships offered by our club.

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Publicity and Communications

Responsible for internal and external publicity and club information. Writes and produces our weekly E-blasts (current club news) Keeps club website up-to-date and writes press releases for the club.

Communication is the key to the success of any organization! In addition to managing publicity and outreach, our Communications Committee maintains the flow internally via:

  • Weekly “e-blasts” (current club news sent to all members via email)
  • Internet photo album site (currently Dropbox) where members can upload/share club activity-related photos

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Home and Garden Committee

Oversees the planning and execution of this two day show held the third weekend in March. The show is a collective effort by the entire Chico Club, but is orchestrated by this committee. This show and committee generates the majority of service funds for the club.

Held the third weekend in March, the ever-popular annual Home and Garden Show is SI/Chico’s largest fundraiser. While each and every club member is expected to participate to ensure the show’s success, it is incumbent upon Committee members to plan and orchestrate this monumental (but incredibly fun!) event.

Proceeds from the two-day show fund scholarships and other awards given by SI/Chico throughout the year.

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Membership Committee

To recruit and promote assimilation of new members and to initiate and provide information for new members that promotes understanding of the privileges and responsibilities of membership. Keeps club roster of members updated.

Excelling in membership acquisition and retention, our SI/Chico Membership Committee has a reputation for keeping things lively and fun! In addition to maintaining the member roster, a few activities organized by the Membership Committee during the year are:

  • “Getting to Know Us” introductory parties for prospective members
  • Induction of new members
  • “Wing clipping” celebration at members’ one-year anniversary
  • “After Hours” monthly event at a member’s place of business

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Program Committee

Schedules the year’s luncheon programs, highlighting the current president’s theme for the year.

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Service Committee

Decides how a portion of service funds (money collected from fundraising) are allocated.

The Service Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing requests for funding that are submitted by various organizations
  • Researching and verifying the needs of such organizations
  • Recommending to the Board appropriate amounts to be awarded
  • (Recommendations are then voted upon at the Board level and taken to the Business Meeting to be voted upon by the Club.

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Special Events Committee

Plans and hosts club events and activities such as; Soroptimist summer barbeque, (August), the retreat (September/October), the SI Birthday party (January) and the installation of Board Members (June).

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Ways and Means Committee

To ensure that the club can meet the financial obligations for effective community service, and operating funds. Raises money for club administrative operations.

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